Twin Flame LLC

Reflecting you~

Mind, Heart, Spirit, Will, Energy, Consciousness, Soul

Clinically assisting you in your Wellness

Twin Flame LLC

Reflecting you~

Mind, Heart, Spirit, Will, Energy, Consciousness, Soul

Clinically assisting you in your Wellness

Meet the therapist your Soul-Friend

Greetings, I’m honored to present myself to you as Soul; your friend. I’ll tell you where you hurt and why you hurt there.
Your body will always “speak” the truth!

I’m a non-binary (physically not a gender) clinical focused empathic therapist.

I will create a safe, healing space of wellness of mind, body, spirit. Allowing you to reconnect to your authentic self that is always connected to God/Source/Life.

When I do soul [energy] bodywork, clinical/empathic touch, reflexology, and clinical lymphatic my focus is on seeing your True Authentic Self as you are in your wellbeing.

We are all here for a reason. And we are all going through hardships and pain in this physical life.
I can help you see with more clarity as to what in this life is creating resistance/pain.

In my opinion, I got to learn from the best physical teachers who taught me Touch is [unconditional] Love.

I didn’t get started in the field of bodywork til Dec 2012. I was introduced to Reflexology (working with the nerve endings that correlated to the whole body through the feet, hands, & ears) and started learning from the great Paula S Stone.

After a year of reflexology, I got involved in a school that was a Wellness education that also did massage/bodywork with the amazing Cindy Goodnutter, who was also running a business at the same time she was teaching. I was living in Illinois at the time and committed to driving to Missouri for classes almost every day for 3 years. (Reflexology + Wellness)

I graduated in 2015, moved to South Carolina in Aug 2016, learned Reiki 2017 (universal light energy & the use of it). And I found my Divine teachers who have been working with me through touch. I was getting a lot of practice in translating what all these physical and energetic senses were ‘talking’ about. No book will teach you what someone’s body is truly saying.

Everyone is so uniquely different!

I know there is no one else like you!

I get to be the one to remind you how AWESOME you are! (You are already birthed as good/awesome, you just need to be reminded in the most loving of ways and then to feel amazing about this knowledge and practice this until it is NORMAL)!

I am blessed/honored by YOU!

You are the Gift, You gavest me a Present!

Thank You~



Clinical Massage Therapy


Healing Touch/Reiki/Loving-Light

Loyal, Committed, & Honorable Services

Loyal Feet Reflexology: the nerve endings at the bottom of the feet are representing the general idea of the whole body. By working with the reflexes of these areas we essentially work with vibrational energies that get translated from an ill-ment that has been presenting itself in the overall body. Typically trapped emotions.
Allow yourself to disconnect from stress in a new way & reconnect to your body’s flowing energy.

Reflexology is not a foot rub. It’s the use of pressure points/areas that are stimulating an instant response in the body for wellness.

1hour sessions are available


Committed Empathic Touch: Physically feeling the body’s pain through touch. Finding all types of resistance that are active like: soreness, aches, numbness, lymphatic problems, nerve pain, tiredness, lack of oxygen either through breathing or just the body saying it isn’t getting enough oxygen in the area, etc.

Clinical & Soul Bodywork will be done in this service. I will be translating the resistance if it’s a physical mis-alignment or an emotional mis-alignment that has been practiced into a toxic habit that no longer serves you. I’ll get to know your true you in this session.

There is ALOT to do in this session regardless of the time you select.

This is not a spa massage. Clinical/Soul bodywork is me reading the body, finding what the body is saying for that day, translating, & than using techniques that can get the body to release.

1hour, 90minutes, & 2hour services are available

Honorable Lymphatic Drainage: In honor of my dad who has since passed from lymphatic dysfunction. Medical/clinical, [unconditional] loving-light touch techniques are used for deep layered detoxing of the body through the “water” or immune system that needs to be flushed of old wastes. The body is constantly flowing & moving towards wellness. Getting lymphatic done would propel your body into healing faster, repealing foreign toxins, & rapidly getting involved with what makes you feel relaxed & loved.

This is a once a month 2hour full body service!

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